Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Time

I love Cold weather I love Winter! Some reasons why I love winter is
1. You can cudle up by the fire place
2. I love the rain
3. I love the smell after it rains
4. I love the sky after it rains
5. I love the snow even though it has only snowed once when I have lived here.

But there are also the downsides for the cold weather like getting sick... I HATE two things a LOT and thats SHOTS( unless I get a cute band-aid) and getting the stomach flu! It sucks and the bad thing is its that time of year again and I figured out you can train this is kinda gross so if you want skip over this part you can train yourself to feel sick but not actually get sick! So I tried out my theory and I havent actually gotten sick so far but thanx to Kenna the sick bug as came into my family since we see eachother every single day and I was wondering why i wasnt sick?? Why did I have to think?? But no school today and yesterday no school for Kenna but we are working on the book and working as fast as we possibly can!!! :) :)


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