Thursday, December 25, 2008

Best Friends For Life

Since this year is almost over I thought i'd write all thats happened to us since we've become friends.Since I became Kenna's best friend things have fallen into place I always have a buddy to go everywhere with and talk to through the hard times like when my parents had an open house and right outside my bedroom door boys were tying eachother up with jumpropes and fighting! I called Kenna and talked to her until they went home. I have someone to experience different feelings with

Hurt: when we went skating our feet hurt so bad after skating 4 hours straight with our old skates.

Scared: when we were sitting on my bed and we looked up cute cats on google and found a picture of a really scary cat which made us eventually scream and left my mom asing if we were ok with which we anwsered "NO" and she replied "oh thats nice have fun"

Happy:when we were in Kenna's bedroom and she was trying to explain something to me that she forgot the word to and it made me laugh and she fell off the table laughing and then she scram "MAKE OVERS"

confused: When we were at the mall and my mom was like "ok we do this and then this" and the rest went blank and I stared at Kenna and when my mom left she said "did you catch that" and I was like "well no something about food court, or maybe it was some store or something" and Kenna said "anything with food in it has to be good right" and I just shrugged

Mad: At how little sibblings can get away with murder and not get introuble!

I love having a best friend to have there with me through everything and if were not on the phone were either togather or e-mailing eachother. I've got to say with out her we wouldn't have an amazing book being written right now!

YAY Christmas

Hope you had a great christmas we did we spent mostly all christmas eve togather! We went to the mall and bought these really cute watches and new friendship necklaces! Also we exchanged our presents and we loved them! Then we watched a movie and sat by the fire and talked!!!!! I love christmas because it is always cold and you can sit by the fire and have hot chocolate! So thats why I love christmas!
Merry Christmas and happy new years guys!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

David Achuleta

we had a fantastic time skating yesterday it was really fun! although we were almost falling the whole time we still had a great time. it was so fun to go skating again after a 2 to 4 year abseance! we did pretty good and even remembered some tricks! we cant wait to go again!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry christmas to everyone!!! theres only 5 more days! wow its coming really fast!
Today me and fay are going ice skating! we both used to skate but stopped, so we decided to give it another try! i hope it gose well =, better than fallinmg on our butts!!! i hope we have a good time!
-fay and kenna!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I hope you guys are cheking back so you can find out for information on our book! well its getting better and better and we hope to finish soon so we can get it published!
well more about today, well as fay said we took a career test in school! We were both super scared because we didnt want to end up with a janiter or somthing! we were really scared but it turned out pretty good we both got pretty goods thing!
Today in drama was my day to do a two person play. i was really scared because i kept on forgetting my lines and my partner always remebered hers! i was practicing like crazy but when i went up to do our play infront of the WHOLE class! I reamebered all my lines and my partner forgot hers! but we both helped each other out and did a pretty good job! im glad i got it over with!
thanks for reading our website!
-Fay and kenna!

Career test

Today in class Kenna and Fay took a career test to see what we were gonna be when we grow up and you got it!
Kenna: Artist, Fashion designer
Fay: Singer, Actor

Don't be disapointed DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! writing..
we thought we would be something we dont like like a foot cleaner, or a plumber no offense to those plumbers!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Merry Christmas and to everyone who doesn't celebrate christmas happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Mckenna decided to make ginger bread christmas trees which was a mess and my bag of icing broke and Kenna was like "ugh ugh hey" and I was like "whats wrong with you" and she was like"ugh...umm I dont know what its called and I looked at my arm that was covered in frosting and I ran to the bathroom to clean it up and she came in laughing but she ended up getting frosting on her sweatshirt and on my new shirt.... Anyways we had a great time and we hope you guys have a good christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend we had a fantastic time together! we wrote a little more of our story but then got bord and started doing other stuff!!! i hope you guys are still checking back for the pregress of our book! Well its getting better and better and the pages just keep on growing longer and longer! We are so excitied to finish our book and hopefully get it published! Well check back for more news!
-Fay and Kenna

Saturday, December 13, 2008


These r the cool pics. we took and then we made the cool background!